Don't Get Stung by Swarming Bees

Schedule professional bee control services in Bridgeport, CT

Carpenter bees can pose a serious danger and should be removed as quickly as possible. Contact Integrated Home Management Services, LLC in Bridgeport, CT to get professional bee control services. We'll use a special chemical to treat the area and exterminate the bees. If honey bees are involved, we'll contact a professional bee keeper to safely remove the hive.

Contact us today to arrange for professional bee control services in Bridgeport, CT or surrounding areas.

Why should you hire a professional?

Honey bees are beneficial and shouldn't be exterminated, so a trained professional should be called in. If you have a honey bee hive on your property, schedule residential bee removal services with us. Our expert team:

  • Won't aggravate the situation by stirring up the hive
  • Can identify the type of bees involved and take the proper action
  • Can safely relocate the hive to a remote area

If you need residential bee removal services, give us a call at 203-260-1458.