Keep Your Structure Safe From Destructive Insects

Schedule professional termite control services in Bridgeport, CT

Termites can be extremely destructive to your home. As soon as you suspect you have a termite problem, schedule professional termite control services with Integrated Home Management Services, LLC. We'll inspect your home thoroughly to seek out areas of infestation. Once we find them, we'll use safe and effective chemical treatments to eradicate them.

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4 signs you have a termite problem

The best way to deal with a termite problem is to remove the insects as quickly as possible. To catch the problem early, you'll want to watch out for potential warning signs. You should arrange for termite extermination services if:

  • You find pinpoint holes in your walls
  • Your drywall is discolored or dropping
  • There are mounds of wood pellets around your home
  • The floor or walls sound hollow when you tap on them

If you suspect you have termites, get in touch with us to arrange for professional termite control services. There's no time to waste.